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Soft Bait Fishing

There are two main forms of rigging soft baits while perfecting your bass fishing techniques. These two styles are primarily used during the summer for Zoom Bait Companycatching large mouth bass fishing. As the weather heats up, bass go deeper in the water to stay cooler. The Texas Rigging keeps your bullet shaped sinker near the head of the plastic worm, and keeps your fishing bait on the bottom of the lake. The Carolina Rigging is used with a swivel and a leader, which keeps your bullet weight higher up your fishing line, and allows your plastic worm to hover above the bottom.

The first style we will discuss is how to Texas rig using plastic worms. Professional Bass Yum Bait CompanyAnglers use the Texas rig, when hunting for monster large mouth bass, as they come across steep drops in the terrain, and when fishing heavy cover, and when fishing around clumps of grass and piles of brush and stumps. The Texas rig has less chance of getting hung up in this cover, and allows you to shake the plastic worm in place, allowing the bait to quiver in a wounded motion to interest the bass into striking an easy “meal”.

When using plastic worms with a Carolina rig. The heavier Tungsten Berkley Bait Companysinker allows you to make longer casts and cover a wider range, as you drag the bass fishing baits along the bottom of the lake or pond. The more area covered gives you a better chance of snaring more bass in less time. In between the expanse of emptiness, as you come across sections of weeds, rocks, and stumps you can manipulate the Carolina rigging around these structures to agitate a bass to strike your fishing lure.


USangler Fishing Forum - Creme Bait Company Fishing Lures

With the ever rising costs of fishing lures and fishing tackle supplies. Crème Fishing Lure company has decided not to follow suit. Instead the Crème lure company has introduced a new line up of some of the fishing industry’s top Brand models, and has molded their own generic styles, of some of the leading (and expensive) competitor style made by Yamamoto, Yum, and the Zoom Bait Company fishing lures!

Alas, no more tears when you loose a fishing lure, and the pain in your wallet as you replace it the next fishing trip. The new Crème Lures “It’s the Same Thing” fishing lures offer a great inexpensive substitute to some of the high cost fishing soft baits.

Along with the Original Crème Scoundrel which can be purchased rigged, or the Crème Scoundrel spare, 2 pack. When fishing lily pad infested or extremely overgrown ponds and lake areas, a great fishing lure choice is the Crème Pre-rigged Scoundrel with weedless hooks in assorted colors. This worm formed the foundation of the Crème scoundrel worms invention, decades ago. The Crème scoundrel most popular colors available are the 6” crème scoundrel black with Chartreuse Tail and the Grape with Glow Pink Tail, and the Black with Firetail.

For the avid Crappie fishing Angler, Crème offers an 8 pack of Crappie Shad soft baits in eight different colors Crappie Shad 8pk. Colors: Tennessee Shad 8pk., Popsicle, Red/Black/Chartreuse, Blue/Black/Chartreuse, Smokey Storm, Blue Thunder, Crème Crappie Shad, Pink Shad 8pk., and Crappie Shad Key Lime Pie 8pk.

Crème Lures also offers an assortment of realistic soft plastics that are part of every fish’s natural diet, throughout certain parts of the year, based upon seasonal availability. These realistic soft plastics are unsurpassed with the attention to detail. Before your next fishing trip pick up a few of these Crème Baby Bees, Small White Grub, Crème Helgramites (assort. Colors), Crème Baby Trout, Crème Black Ants, Crème Panfish Spider, Cream Brown Mayfly, Crème Catalpa Worms, and Crème Green Grasshopper lures, plastic floating frogs, and the never fail Crème Gray Cricket fishing lures.

A sure bet to getting great quality without the high prices is to purchase Crème’ lures, crème scoundrels rigged, and Crème fishing lures realistic insects to add to your tackle box!