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Soft Bait Fishing

There are two main forms of rigging soft baits while perfecting your bass fishing techniques. These two styles Creme Bait Companyare primarily used during the summer for catching large mouth bass fishing. As the weather heats up, bass go deeper in the water to stay cooler. The Texas Rigging keeps your bullet shaped sinker near the head of the plastic worm, and keeps your fishing bait on the bottom of the lake. The Carolina Rigging is used with a swivel and a leader, which keeps your bullet weight higher up your fishing line, and allows your plastic worm to hover above the bottom.

The first style we will discuss is how to Texas rig using plastic worms. Professional Bass AnglersZoom Bait Company use the Texas rig, when hunting for monster large mouth bass, as they come across steep drops in the terrain, and when fishing heavy cover, and when fishing around clumps of grass and piles of brush and stumps. The Texas rig has less chance of getting hung up in this cover, and allows you to shake the plastic worm in place, allowing the bait to quiver in a wounded motion to interest the bass into striking an easy “meal”.

When using plastic worms with a Carolina rig. The heavier Tungsten Berkley Bait Companysinker allows you to make longer casts and cover a wider range, as you drag the bass fishing baits along the bottom of the lake or pond. The more area covered gives you a better chance of snaring more bass in less time. In between the expanse of emptiness, as you come across sections of weeds, rocks, and stumps you can manipulate the Carolina rigging around these structures to agitate a bass to strike your fishing lure.


USangler Fishing Forum - YUM Bait Company Fishing Lures

If you have fished, at some point you have seen schools of baitfish, and where you see bait fish, there is sure to be Yum Bait Companysome game fish, perch and crappie chasing them! 

The latest YUM F2 product line, of soft plastics, has been flying off the shelves. YUM F2 is a highly concentrated formula that is injected directly into normal soft plastic lures and is 30 percent more effective than the leading YUM Garlic spray attractant. Four new YUM F2 soft baits are also available.

There are four new soft plastics called the Yum Wooly Bullee (which is used primarily for flip and pitch bass fishing technique) the YUM F2 Mighty Bug has a segmented soft body with multi-legged, and is a Yum Kreature bait, the Salleemander, a lizard with active legs Yum Craw Fishing Lureand a hammer shaped head at the end of its tail that causes it to swim in a similar manner to the Yum Money Minnow, and a new shaky head plastic fishing worm called the Shakealicious that features a ring of squirmy tentacles on its head.

The new YUM F2 product line includes an all-natural formula of fish oils and enzymes, and the ability to continuously dispense sent without needing to be refreshed with YUM Crawfish AttractanYum Bait Stick Lurest Spray.

Crappie fishing: Everyone’s a crappie-fishing expert during the spawn, but it takes some study time and timing the best fishing on the lake to be successful year-round.

YUM baits (a division of Pradco Lures) is introducing crappie YUMbrella Rigs that mimic schools of bait.

A great choice for crappie fishing is the YUM Wooly Beavertail (using a Lindy jighead) they come in many colors that excite crappie. The popular colors are black with a pink tail (Many anglers refer to the tail as a Firetail), and the Wooly Beavertail that has a black body with a chartreuse/yellow tail.

When bass fishing, many anglers like rigging larger soft baits such as the YUM Dinger. The YUM Dinger is a soft plastic stick bait.
The new YUM F2 Dinger with its injected attractant into the fishing worm molds is a yummy bass fishing bait.


YUM Soft Plastics include:
YUM F2 Big Show Craw, YUM F2 Craw Papi,YUM F2 Crawbug, YUM F2 Mighty Bug,YUM F2 Money Craw,YUM F2 Gonzo Grub,YUM F2 Wooly Bug,YUM F2 Wooly Bullee,YUM F2 Wooly Hawg Craw,YUM F2 Wooly Hawgtail,YUM F2 Money Yum Fishing LuresHound
YUM Crappie Wooly Beavertail (LPT), YUM Crappie Wooly Curltail (LPT), YUM F2 Vibra King Tube, YUM F2 Walleye Grub, YUM Vibra King Tube (LPT), YUM F2 Lizard, YUM F2 Salleemander, YUM F2 Zellamander, YUM F2 Houdini Shad, YUM Money Minnow, YUM F2 2Ube, YUM F2 Vibra King Tube, YUM Vibra King Tube (LPT), YUM F2 Dinger, YUM F2 Ribbontail, YUM F2 Shakalicious Worm